The concept is the “Open Circular Discharging End of a Gun”. The Big Diameter Helical Shape is totally different from the existing WALD Wheel Collections. The impression of this masterpiece is like “Being Held Up at the Gun Point”. The fusion of Edgy Lines and Smoothe Planes changes the its expression by the selected color. To match with the full-size sedans, coupe and SUV, 22 inch and 20 inch are available for BALCAS B11C. The Width of 22 inch is 9.0J For Front and 10.5J Rear with the Concave Form. For 20 inch, 8.5J and 9.5J is the combination for Front and Rear in different face design. BALCAS is the model showing of the future direction of WALD Wheel and injecting the new breath.



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